Benefits for a student

  • practical lessons are held directly at the employer,
  • student receives a pay of productive work at a minimum of 50% of the minimum
  • hourly rate and a business scholarship during the study,
  • student is integrated into the work team, acquires working habits.

Student has:

  • entitled to a subsistence allowance,
  • entitlement to work equipment and workwear.

The dual education system is a system of vocational education and training for the profession, characterized in particular by the close connection of general and vocational theoretical education with the practical preparation of pupils at a particular employer. Teaching at school alternates with practical teaching at the employer’s premises in proportion.

In the school year 2018/2019, PREFA invests a.s. you will be able to sign in to the following departments:

2679 K mechanic- mechatronics (4-year study department)

2679 The mechanic-mechatronics is able to carry out basic operations in the control, diagnosis, adjustment and repairs of electrical wiring, electric drives, electropneumatic and hydraulic drives, control electronics, control technology and in particular automated production systems.

Study progress:

Theoretical lessons will be held at the Joint School Martin and the Center for Vocational Education and Training, Czechoslovak Army 25 in Martin. Practical training will be carried out through professional training directly at the premises of PREFA invest, a.s., Podhradská cesta 2 in Sučany. The employer is responsible for practical instruction and bears all the costs associated with the teaching. A learning agreement is concluded between the employer and the pupil

How to log in ?

  • Completion of the application for the dual education system of PREFA invest, a.s. It can be accessed at pref-su.sk or by e-mail: jandikova@prefa-su.sk
  • Sending a completed application to the employer’s address: PREFA invest, a.s., Podhradská cesta 2, 038 52 Sučany
  • Submission of the application to the Joint School, Červená armáda 25, 036 01 Martin with a choice of two possible departments.

Selection of students:

The selection of pupils is decided by the United School of Martin and the employer PREFA invest, a.s. as follows:

  • Successful completion of the admission procedure
  • Evaluation of study results for 6th-9th. Basic school year
  • Talk to the candidate

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